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Tundra Site Services provides a strong manpower network, coordinated by a dedicated and responsive team, targeted to assist with client operational requirements. Our simple ‘Tried and True’ program redefines the relationship between supplier and client creating the ultimate collaborative model. Working strategically with clients, we simplify and streamline manpower delivery, provide immediate relief for operational needs and advance top performing individuals that are proven as best fit.

Our vision is built upon your growth and success!


Supply for maintenance shutdowns, installations, decommissioning, project work, seasonal surge requirements or coverage for short or long-term disability are common in this scope of service.


There are situations where our contract deployed personnel may become attractive options for client permanent requirements. We openly discuss our ‘Tried and True’ option during contract hire initiation. The administration is simple; the solution is collaborative and proactive. The results speak for themselves as clients end up with hires that are exceptionally well fit to their organization.


Our search strategies and services are versatile and may be applied to client permanent requirements. Permanent requirements can be searched on a fee basis and open the door to new and different candidates for client consideration. Contact requests are welcomed to discuss your search requirements and to explore potential solutions.

Timely Support

Orders are managed and prioritized with focus on client results, timely service, and seamless delivery

Custom Solutions

Each client’s solution is unique and custom built to ensure best fit

Clear Communication

You can expect prompt responses to your questions, orders and requests from our dedicated team

Employer Staffing Needs

An exploratory phone call to discuss your company or site’s particular needs can be scheduled at your convenience without cost or obligation.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn about your operation, culture, and specific staffing targets.

Intro | Exploration | Planning | Execution

We will only move through stages as you are comfortable and see fit.

Opportunities for Job Seekers

Looking for more flexibility in your work schedule? Enjoy being kept informed when work is available in your field of expertise? Is your current contract soon coming to an end?

We will work with you to find the right job and ensure you’re a valuable contributor to an elite team!

We Strive for Excellence and

Our Employees Approve

    Very well put together site easy to find the information i need. Everyone ive talked to on the phone are extremely helpful and polite. The employees of tundra that ive met are hard workers and friendly.

    Greg McLeod

    Very professional office staff. Good group of millwrights to work with. Excellent safety program.

    Douglas Blackstock

    I have been able to work with Tundra for over three years and I hope to be able to in the years to come. They are a company with great communication, great people and are invested in everyone’s success. That’s a rare find these days.

    Trent Sales

    I started working for Tundra almost fifteen years ago and can honestly say they have been one the best companies I have ever worked for in 45 years of being a tradesman.Ive always been treated well and met many wonderful people along the way to work with.They seem to hire... View Article

    Dave Sopkow

    Tundra staff are very professional and courteous. They do a great job of keeping their people informed both by email and phone. Overall a great company to work for.

    Kim Weleski

    Working with Tundra has been a great experience. I’m only able to work these short shutdown style jobs at certain times of the year yet they keep me informed of upcoming jobs through the year anyway just in case and let me rejoin the jobs when I’m able to. Great... View Article

    Ben Johnson

    I have been working with Tundra for the last seven months and have found them to be very good to deal with. The work sites and the work force have also been a very good experience. Adam and his team are very prompt at responding to all e-mails and phone... View Article

    Lyle Evans

    Tundra is truly a company that puts it’s employees first. They are always going above and beyond to make my rotations as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It’s not often CEOs will meet you at the airport just to check in. Recommend this company to any one looking for contracts!... View Article

    William Stalker

    Tundra Site Services has always been great at getting me work in the mining industry. Through Tundra, I have worked at three different mines in the last four years, all have been great experiences thus far. They are well organized and make sure you that you have all of the... View Article

    Josh Stokes

    Tundra has been an excellent experience. They’re a great mix of professional and casual. Always prompt to reply to communications. Would highly recommend them to any tradesmen looking for work.

    John Lisson

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