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FULLY CREWED - Resumes welcome for future consideration Ongoing

Tundra Site Services welcomes Journeyman Welder applications, primarily from NT, NU and AB. Candidates from BC or SK may be considered depending on location and logistics. Fly-in/out plant maintenance work in mining environments.

Tundra Site Services welcomes resumes from welders interested in occasional work in fly-in remote mining environments. Shifts from 7-10 days and at times up to 3 weeks in duration, 12 hour days, regularly occur and our top welders are often in high demand with clients, opening doors to reasonably steady, or steady work.

Our welders are typically team players who are happy to work on mechanical tasks as a helper to mechanical trades, or welding tasks, depending on what the client needs that day. Often found in process plants assisting with shutdowns, or working on projects for site services, our team of welders understands that client care and team work is critical to the overall success of our operations.

Work is typically structural in nature, gouging, grinding, stick welding, though if you have structural fitting skills, or are great with blueprints, it may open up new doors and avenues at the client sites.

All consumables and flights are provided. Employees and direct service providers welcome.

Let us know if you’re a great fit for this type of work.

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Tundra Site Services is supplier of specialty industrial manpower services to clients across Canada and the Northern Territories. Our diverse team of highly skilled personnel offer short, medium, or long-term manpower solutions to our highly reputable industrial clients. We will not sell, or distribute your information. We will contact you if opportunities arise for which we feel you are qualified and may be interested - why not stay informed of opportunities in your field? Apply today! *We also encourage you to follow our Facebook Page to stay informed of job postings.

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